NE Cricket Ambassadors Enjoy Fun Day

Vanuatu Cricket under the leadership of North Efate (NE) development officer, Arnold Sorina, organized a fun day on the 2nd of June at Siviri for the six NE cricket ambassadors who overlook the development and involvement of cricket in their respective schools and area.

This program is part of the VCA’s outreach program and it was funded by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP) program.

The objective of the fun day was to bring all six cricket ambassadors from North Efate together to socialize, get to know each other more and discuss how they can work together in the future to keep their cricketing activities fun and exciting.

Sorina said that it was important to bring all the cricket ambassadors together because it is vital that they maintain a good relationship and communication with each other for the development of cricket to grow in schools on the Northern part of Efate.

“Cricket cannot develop further if we just assign people to be cricket ambassadors and leave them to deal with their own schools by themselves and I was really happy that we had this fun day because it allowed everyone to share their creative ideas on how they can include cricket more in their schools,” Sorina said.

“Listening to them also gave me an idea on how I can help and how the VCA can help to implement these ideas in schools around NE and also gave me the opportunity to discuss upcoming competitions with everyone.”

The successful discussions during the day ended with a fun game of beach cricket.

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