South Australia Cricket Association Donates Junior Gear to the VCA

South Australia Cricket Association has made a generous donation of cricket gear to the Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) to aid the development of junior cricket in Vanuatu.

The donated gear will be used for junior competitions and development programs in schools and it is a privilege for the VCA to have received the gear because it is not easy for them to get junior gear especially bats for juniors to play with.

Some of these gear have been donated to St Joseph school at Second lagoon upon agreement that the school will use the gear to improve their in school cricket program with the help of the VCA and participate in most or all school competitions.

St Joseph’s school cricket ambassador, Ms Trinita Jeipao received the gear on behalf of the school and expressed that the school is fortunate and grateful to receive the gear and she will ensure that the gear is used properly for preparations towards school competitions.

In addition to donating some of the gear to St Joseph school, the VCA has used some of the gear during their school holiday program with a total of 98 children who participated in three different communities.

Junior caps donated by South Australia Cricket have been used as giveaways to participants of the school holiday program.

The VCA would like to acknowledge the South Australia Cricket Association for choosing to support their development programs by donating these junior gear which have already made an impact on junior cricket in and around Port Vila.

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