Cricket I Blong Evriwan Promotes Inclusion in Sport

Vanuatu Cricket ran its monthly Asco Motors Cricket I Blong Evriwan program on the 16th of May in a combined activity with the participation of the Vanuatu Society of Disabled People (VSPD) at Siviri field, North Efate.

A total of 21 participants took part on the day and enjoyed modified cricket games and socializing with each other through cricket.

Arthur Sim Rai from the disability unit said that it was amazing to see the amount of excitement and fun the participants have while participating in different activities and just playing cricket.

“I am proud to see that cricket is bringing us out of our dark corners and is making us feel like we belong, we are not left out and also helps us focus on our abilities and not our disabilities,” expressed Sim Rai.

Vanuatu Cricket Development Supervisor, Natalie Hava, also expressed Vanuatu Cricket’s pride in running the Cricket I Blong Evriwan program to promote inclusion in sport.

“Vanuatu Cricket is passionate about making sports, especially cricket, available and accessible for everyone. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in sport and no one should be denied their right to participate in sport which is why running this program is so important to us.

“I would like to acknowledge everyone for your participation and thank you VSDP for supporting us and making sure that everyone with a disability has a fair play and chance at sports.”

Hava then concluded by acknowledging Asco Motors for their continuous support of the Cricket I Blong Evriwan program and stating that the VCA is looking forward to running this program again in June.

This program is also supported by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership program.

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