Women’s Island Cricket 20 Weeks Program Launched at Eratap

Vanuatu Cricket launched its 20 weeks Island Cricket program at Eratap village on Wednesday April 18 with the aim to introduce mothers in the community to a healthy lifestyle through cricket.
The 20 weeks island cricket program is funded by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP) program and it is aimed at improving women’s health and lifestyle through cricket and other programs such as nutritional programs, medical check-ups and staying fit, healthy and self-sufficient when looking after their family.
VCA women’s island cricket supervisor, Amelia Lawac, said that this program has helped a lot of women in the past and that it is the aim of Vanuatu cricket to bring an improved version of the program this year by working closely with the Vanuatu Family Health Association.
Lawac also said that this 20 weeks program will prepare the women at Eratap village to join future Island Cricket competitions.
Chief Kalkot Kaltatak expressed his support for the program by saying that it is important to break the stereotype that women only belong in the kitchen and cannot play sport.
“Our mothers are mostly in the kitchen because our society sees them as only fit for the kitchen and looking after the family but I don’t see it that way. Mothers are the heart of our families and this program will allow them to go out and learn new things which will in turn benefit the family,” said chief Kaltatak.
“I am also happy to say that our community warmly welcomes this program because we believe that it will benefit us all by improving our lifestyles and it will keep our mothers fit which is something some of us have failed to do.
“So on behalf of the community I would like to say thank you to cricket for bringing this program to our homes.”
Pierre Chilia, VCA’s General Manager, also expressed that the VCA is grateful to be welcomed into the community and Vanuatu Cricket is working hard to ensure that physical fitness and health education is available for women.
“Women deserve to be fit and healthy and we hope to achieve that through this program with the support of our partners such as Wan Smol Bag, Vanuatu Family Health Association and the Australian Government through PSP.”
Chilia then concluded and said that he is looking forward to witnessing the progress of this 20 weeks program and he believes that the VCA team will ensure that this program will benefit everyone involved.

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