Melemaat School Dominate Successful Ridgway Blake SEPSSA Games

Results Summary: Final

U13 Boys

Vila East (3/102, 8 Overs) defeated Melemaat (6/75, 8 overs) by 27 runs

Player of the match: Wamejo (84 runs – Vila East School)

U13 Girls

Melemaat (4/95, 8 Overs) defeated Seaside (3/74, 8 overs) by 21 runs

Player of the match: Kalangi (37 runs – Melemaat School)

U10 Boys

Melemaat (0/69, 8 Overs) defeated Vila East (3/32, 8 overs) by 37 runs

Player of the match: Momo (Melemaat School)

U10 Girls

Melemaat (3/50, 8 overs) defeated Central School (4/26, 8 overs) by 24 runs

Player of the match: Susan Stephen


Vanuatu Cricket’s Ridgway Blake SEPSSA games has come to a successful end with Melemaat and Vila East School on top of their respective categories.

SEPSSA games is an annual cricket competition sponsored by Ridgway Blake Lawyers and run by Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) for primary schools on South Efate.

This year, Vila East, Melemaat, Prima, Seaside, Centre Ville, Vila North and Central School took part and the competition was split into an under 13 and under 10 category to allow more children from these schools to participate and compete in the same age category.

Melemaat School was outstanding and dominated throughout the entire competition which saw them finish at the top in both categories and three of their players awarded with player of the match awards for their commanding performances.

Vila East School proved to be a worthy competitor in the U13 boys’ category when they defeated a strong Melemaat side by 37 runs and came out victorious. Wamejo from Vila East was especially outstanding during the finals and top scored with 84 runs to secure the man of the match award.

Nigel Morrison from Ridgway Blake Lawyers said that he was happy to see a lot of potential and talent in the students who participated in the competition.

“The SEPSSA games is continually supported by Ridgeway Lawyers and I am happy to see that we have many talented players with great potential to play good cricket and I believe that you will be the future of our men’s and women’s national teams to represent Vanuatu,” expressed Morrison in his closing speech.

Vanuatu Cricket Development Supervisor, Natalie Hava acknowledged teachers who have worked hard and in partnership with Vanuatu Cricket to allow their schools to participate in this competition making it a success.

“On behalf of the VCA I would to congratulate all participating schools for their commitment and I would also like to acknowledge Ridgway Blake Lawyers for sponsoring this competition and my development team is looking forward to running this competition again next year,” concluded Hava.

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