VCA and VFHA Promoting Healthy Lifestyle through Cricket

The Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) and Vanuatu Family Health Association (VHFA) have recently renewed their partnership agreement provided that VHFA will be involved in the Women’s Island Cricket Program activities planned for 2018.

Vanuatu Cricket women’s development supervisor, Amelia Lawac, said she is pleased with this agreement as it will provide some necessary health options for communities as well as cricket players.

“Renewing this partnership will enable the VFHA to provide reproductive health as well as clinical services to communities and cricket players through mobile and static clinics,” said Lawac.

“The VFHA is pleased to have renewed his partnership with Vanuatu Cricket as it is VHFA’s mission to improve our communities’ health,” said VHFA Director, Danstan Tate.

The VCA and VHFA are working together in partnership to achieve their aims of promoting a healthy lifestyle by using cricket to extend and enhance awareness regarding health issues and to provide clinical access in communities.


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