Level 0 Course Reach North Efate and Port Vila Teachers

After the recent success in Malekula and Santo, Vanuatu Cricket ran its level 0 coach education program in Port Vila and North Efate from the 14th to the 16th of March with the support and funding from the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP) Program.

With a combined total of 28 participants, 11 from Port Vila and 17 from North Efate, the VCA has managed to prep school teachers with the basic knowledge to support and run development programs in their respective schools.

Teachers have expressed their gratitude towards the VCA for running the level 0 course saying that it has helped them understand the rules of cricket and given them an idea on how to deliver good coaching in a way that children would enjoy it.

Mr Jonnah Harrione from Lycee School expressed his appreciation for the course and said that he now has a better understanding of cricket and he will be able to follow and understand what is happening during a match.

“In previous years, I would take my students to cricket competitions to play and I would sit there not understanding anything that was happening,” said Harrione.

“Now I can safely say that I will be following matches with an understanding of what is happening all because of everything I have learned during this program so on behalf of myself and the other teachers I would like to say thank you to the VCA for taking the time to teach us about cricket too.”

VCA’s development supervisor, Natalie Hava, also acknowledged the teachers who have participated in the course and who are committing their time to the development of cricket in their schools and in Vanuatu.

“I believe that after attending this course, teachers will now be able to run their own cricket programs, help out with umpiring and scoring during competitions and take the lead in promoting and encouraging participation in cricket in schools and I would like to commend and acknowledge the teachers for that,” said Hava.

Hava then concluded by saying that the VCA is looking forward to another great year with the support from the teachers who are now cricket ambassadors in their schools and in Vanuatu.

Participants were awarded with completion certificates at the end of the course marking their induction into the VCA’s cricket ambassador program.

The VCA would like to acknowledge the Australian Government for funding through the PSP program and Azure Pure Water for sponsoring water and keeping Participants Hydrated during the period of the course.

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