NBV Sponsors Cricket Outreach Program

The National Bank of Vanuatu have been sponsoring Vanuatu Cricket in previous years and have chosen to continue their sponsorship of the VCA’s outreach program this year 2018.

The sponsorship from NBV will benefit cricket development on Tanna, Santo, Malekula and North Efate and ensure that children on these respective islands and communities are not denied their rights to participate in sports especially cricket.

With the growth of the VCA’s outreach programs, the sponsorship from the National Bank will encourage more development and provide schools and communities with the opportunity to learn and participate in cricket.

Henry Boe, the VCA’s Administration officer said that the VCA is grateful to have the sponsorship from the National Bank of Vanuatu because it will without doubt make it easier financially for Vanuatu Cricket to organize and run school competitions and other activities to children who do not live in Port Vila.

“On behalf of the VCA, I would like to thank the National Bank of Vanuatu for continuously supporting and sponsoring cricket over the years and for choosing to sponsor our outreach programs this year,” said Boe.

Boe then concluded to say that the VCA team will work together to make sure that they run a successful outreach program this year.

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