Asco Motors Cricket I Blong Evriwan Kicks Off

Vanuatu Cricket marked the tenth year of its Asco Motors Cricket I Blong Evriwan program on Wednesday the 28th of February at Wan Smol Bag with members of the Rainbow Disability Theatre group.

Cricket I Blong Evriwan is Vanuatu Cricket’s disability inclusion program which aims to bring cricket to people living with a disabilityin the communities with respect to everyone’s right to participate in sports.

The VCA’s development supervisor, Ms Natalie Hava expressed that they are excited to kick this program off because cricket is for everyone.

“Today marks the starts of another fun filled year for us at Vanuatu Cricket as we continue to share our passion for the sport to everyone we can reach and that includes anyone living with a disability,” said Hava.

Ms Hava then continued to say that having a disability should not stop anyone from participating in sport and everyone can have fun playing sport especially cricket.

Vanuatu Cricket’s general manager, Pierre Chilia also said that the VCA is more than happy to run this program which is proudly sponsored by Asco Motors Toyota and the VCA will continue to work hard to ensure that cricket is reaching everyone.

Vanuatu Cricket would like to acknowledge Asco Motors for choosing the Cricket I Blong Evriwan program to fund and support over the past nine years and the VCA is looking forward to celebrating the 10th year anniversary of a great partnership this year 2018.

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