Bulls, Sharks, Saints and Power House Claim First Wins

Vanuatu Cricket Women’s B&P T20 cup kicked off last Saturday the 10th of February with Mele Bulls, Power House, Paama Sharks and Mighty Saints picking up their first win.

Like the start of all Vanuatu Cricket competitions, the excitement and competitiveness was there and teams were ready to fight for their first win.

The day started off with morning matches between Ifira Black Birds and Paama Sharks, Mele Bulls and Tafea Sandalwood then continued with afternoon matches between Power House and North Efate Bush Pigs and Mighty Saints versus APT Dolphins.

With the growth in the standard of women’s cricket in Vanuatu, the batting highlights of the day went from outstanding batting from Alvina Chilia who top scored for the Mele Bulls with a superb 50 runs, not out, a surprising 34* from upcoming Dolphin’s player, Rachel Tari,  to an unbeaten 66 runs from Mighty Saints’ Kyla Niras and respected totals from Tafea’s Nasimana Navaika (40), Jaimeen Kenni (39), Leimara Tastuki (38) from the Bulls, Valenta Langiatu (34) from Power House, Mahina Tarimiala (29) from North Efate and Paama Sharks opener, Judy Avok (27).

Bowling highlights of the day saw Paama Sharks defend 63 runs to claim victory against Ifira Black Birds with a strong bowling attack from the captain, Melissa Fare (2/19, 4 overs), and 10 year old Vanessa Vira (2/14, 3 overs), to 5/10 off 4 overs from Saints’ Lorine Meltetake, 4/8 off 4 overs from Valentina Tari (Ifira BB), 3/8 (3.2 overs) by Power House captain, Valenta Langiatu and 2/13 by the Bulls captain, Leimauri Chilia.

Round two of the Women’s B&P T20 cup will be played on Saturday the 17th of February at Independence Park and Club Hippique Adventure Park.

Vanuatu Cricket Association would like to acknowledge Barrett & Partners for sponsoring this Women’s T20 competition.

Match Summary

Tafea Sandalwood vs Mele Bulls

Toss won by: Tafea Sandalwood

Mele Bulls 5-159 (20 Overs): A. Chilia 50*, L. Tastuki 38, A. Torobi 3-19 (4 overs)

Tafea Sandalwood 4-101 (20 Overs): N. Navaika 40, J. Kenni 39, L. Chilia 2-13 (4 overs)

Mele Bulls won by 58 runs

Paama Sharks vs Ifira Black Birds

Toss won by: Paama Sharks

Paama Sharks 8-63 (15.5 Overs): J. Avok 27, M. Fare 13, V. Tari 4-8 (4 overs), R. Andrew 1-11 (3 overs)

Ifira Black Birds 6-43 (8.5 Overs): R. Kaltongga 10*, V. Vira 2-14 (3 overs), M. Fare 2-19 (4 overs)

Paama Sharks won by 20 runs

North Efate Bush Pigs vs Power House

Toss won by: North Efate Bush Pigs

NE Bush Pigs 7-77 (17 Overs): M. Tarimiala 29, V. Langiatu 3-8 (3.2 overs), V. Mansale 3-12 (4 overs)

Power House 2-78 (8.3 Overs): V. Langiatu 34, M. Tarimiala 1-9 (2 overs)

Power House won by 7 wickets

APT Dolphins vs Mighty Saints

Toss won by: APT Dolphins

Mighty Saints 7-157 (20 Overs): K. Niras 66, R. Malere 24, L. Kenni 2-26 (4 overs)

APT Dolphins 10-110 (18 overs): R. Tari 34*, L. Meltetake 5-10 (4 overs), A. Stephen 2-33 (4 overs)

Mighty Saints won by 47 runs

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