Club Competitions Kicking Off in February

Vanuatu Cricket’s 2018 club cricket season will kick off on Saturday the 10th of February with the Women’s Barrett & Partners T20 Club Championship.

Participating in this competition are eight of Vanuatu Cricket women’s teams namely, Asia-Pacific Totalisator (APT) Dolphins, Ifira Black Birds, Mele Bulls, Mighty Saints, North Efate Bush Pigs, Paama Sharks, Power House and Tafea Sandalwood.

Mele Bulls will enter this competition as the defending champions and a crowd favourite and Power House and Mighty Saints who were the rookie teams last year, now have experience and will surely be a threat to other teams. Ifira Black Birds, Paama Sharks, APT Dolphins and North Efate Bush Pigs will have to fight extra hard this year to prove their worth as the senior teams in this competition.

Women’s club trainings have started and training days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Registration is also open to anyone interested in playing or trying out cricket.

After the Women’s B&P T20 Club Championship, the U15 Club Championship will kick off followed by the Men’s B&P T20 Club Championship on the 7th of April, Women’s U19 Club Championship on the 21st of April, Men’s 40 over Club Championship on the 9th of June, Independence Cup on the 14th of July, Women’s T20 Club Championship on the 18th of August and the U19 Club championship on the 15th of September.

Club competitions in Santo will kick off on the 10th of March with the T20 Club Championship followed by the Women’s U19 Club Championship on the 28th of April, the Independence Cup on the 16th of June, U17 Club Championship on the 4th of August and finishing with theT20 Club Championship on the 29th of September.

North Efate and Northwest Efate will have competitions of their own starting with the U17’s hard ball competition followed by the Independence Cup which will also be held in Tanna and ending with the Community Cup.

Vanuatu Cricket is looking forward to another successful club cricket year and competitions are open and registration is free to anyone who is interested to participate.

Visit our office at Independence Park to register to join a club and follow us on Facebook at ‘Vanuatu Cricket (@vanuatucricketassociation)’ or @vanuatucricket_association on Instagram and @vanuatu_cricket on twitter for more information and to keep updated with our programs and competitions.

Vanuatu Cricket would also like to acknowledge their sponsors for choosing to support the development of cricket in Vanuatu resulting in a higher standard of cricket each year.

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