New High Performance and Elite Development Center for Vanuatu Cricket

Thursday the 25th of January 2018 marked another milestone for Vanuatu Cricket with the handing over of facilities from the CCECC (China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation) to Vanuatu Cricket Association which was witnessed by many present on the afternoon.

The handover was witnessed by dignitaries from CCECC, representatives from Vanuatu Government and non-government bodies, sponsors, media personnel, VCA staff, national players and members of the public.

The facilities have been used as the Van2017 offices and information centre during the Mini Games and Vanuatu Cricket is fortunate to receive ownership of these facilities and will now be using them as the high performance and elite development centre.

President of the VCA, Mark Stafford, said that this is a dream comes true for Vanuatu Cricket’s high performance and development team because it will provide them with their own space to work, train and focus on the development of elite athletes which will include literacy skills and other valuable skills.

“First of all I would like to say a very big thank you to CCECC on behalf of the VCA for providing us with these facilities which will undoubted benefit the association and athletes in the long run with cricket skills and post cricket skills,” Said Stafford.

“Having this centre will encourage our athletes to apply themselves more in all aspects of the sport, add to the pathways that VCA is developing and this will include umpires and scorers as well as players and be a catalyst to all of our young men and women’s aspirations in sport and in life.”

The afternoon was also dignified with the presence of the vice president of CCECC, Mr Chen Si Chang, who expressed that CCECC is honoured to play a significant role in establishing the facilities which will enable the Vanuatu Cricket Association to produce the best teams, players and officials in Vanuatu.

“This VCA high-performance center is more than just a building, it is a center where new cricketers will be discovered and shaped to be the best players or the best teams to represent Vanuatu in tournaments locally and internationally,” said Mr Chang.

“I truly believe It is an inherent right for every young sports star to have access to a decent training centre and receive quality training, to be able to perform to their best on the field.”

Mr Chang also expressed that he does not fully agree with the notion that knowledge is power because the CCECC believes that knowledge is a tool and not a trophy to be kept on a display unit and athletes who will be using the centre will need to be fully equipped with knowledge.

“The young boys and girls who will be fortunate to use this center will need to be fully equipped with knowledge so that we are sure that the future of Vanuatu Cricket is built on solid individuals who will represent Vanuatu around the world, making it a place where champions and heroes will be made. And that ladies and Gentlemen CCECC is proud to a part of,” concluded Chang.

CCECC Vice President, Mr Chen Si Chang (left) and President of the VCA, Mark Stafford (left) 

The future of Vanuatu cricket looks more promising with this high performance and elite development center and the VCA is looking forward to utilizing these facilities and bring the development of Vanuatu Cricket to a higher standard.

Vanuatu Cricket would like to acknowledge CCECC for their hard work in building these facilities and handing them over to the VCA, the Vanuatu Government for their support, Van2017 for allowing the VCA to have access to these facilities, past and current sponsors for choosing to support the development of Vanuatu Cricket, the media, all Vanuatu cricket supporters, families and friends and all VCA staff and members of the VCA board.


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